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Many Systems. One Screen


Even if you are a small firm, you rely on complex configurations of different software systems to run your business each day. Apparancy allows you to align your full range of different systems into fully-aligned and easy to manage business processes. With Apparancy, you and your team can easily review, execute and account for the work you do through a single, intuitive and step-by-step interface on any desktop, mobile or online device you choose.

Apparancy enables you to manage and automate your operations based on what is best for you and not the limits of your software so that every member of your team can know exactly what to do… how to do it… and can prove when it’s done for any process within your business.


Gain more than $500 Every Week for Every User

With Apparancy, you will increase the output and accuracy of your team by 30-50% over traditional approaches. Proven over 8 years of operations as an outsourced accounting back office and using a $50 hourly rate –
it can add up to more than $500 for every user every week.


Know. Do. Prove.


  • We Understand

    Like you, we are always looking for finding new efficiency and greater accuracy for our customers in their day-to-day work and across their company and its operations.  This is especially important for any business where wide collaboration is required and specific best practices must be validated in the completed work for compliance, audits or security.  Even smaller businesses (under $10 million) and healthcare providers (under 100 physicians) require dozens of differing accounting, billing, compliance, process and other enterprise software packages to run their business day to day.  We refined our platform as a back office technology as a outsourced accounting and finance operations provider for more than a decade – we know how to make things work and have put in the hours and paid our dues.
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  • Software for the Rest of Us

    While the big companies continue to pour 100s of thousands and 10s of millions into IT integration, data warehouses and process compliance systems, the rest of us are looking for a more turnkey, immediate and affordable solution that gets the job done. Every day the demands of regulation and compliance are growing at unprecedented levels for both healthcare and finance. This new “operational overhead” is placing an unsustainable burden on each of us. When we look at our technology, yesterday’s challenge of coding capabilities into a traditional on-premise system has given way to a larger challenge of designing, managing and verifying workflows between today’s wide variety of smaller web-based applications.
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  • How We Help

    Our technology allows you to replace the “default” practice of buying, building and deploying complex on-premise software to support repeatable, recurring business processes and best practices. Our approach is an immediately deployable yet continuously expandable platform to enable new value and capabilities for your teams and systems already in place so that you can enjoy efficiencies and accuracy of 30-50% with 100% transparency. Making that possible and affordable for our partners and our customers is what we do at Apparancy.
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