We love playing dress-ups at home, and with Halloween coming up I thought it would be fun to make a cute Koala Mask inspired by the Aussie Animal cards we’ve been collecting. Get the kids involved with tracing, coloring, cutting, and pasting, it will keep them entertained for a little while and will hardly cost you a cent.

This mask is easy to make and it’s likely you’ll have most of the materials required at home already. It’s a great way to upcycle cereal boxes, and I used the faux fur from the collar of an old coat I picked up at the op-shop (thrift store) for only $1. If you can’t find faux fur inexpensively try fluffing up some cotton balls.

You will need:
Mask Template
Black Marker
Cereal Box (grey recycled cardboard) or grey card
Scissors (cutting mat optional)
Hole punch
Masking tape
Glue Stick
Thin elastic or hat elastic
Faux fur (anything fluffy is fine eg. cotton balls or grey wool roving)

How to make a Koala Mask 1:
Print Koala Mask Template at 100%, feel free to increase or reduce size for children of different sizes.
Collect your materials. Try to recycle a cereal box, the grey recycled lining is the perfect koala grey.
Trace the template onto the inside of card/box by pressing really hard with a pencil, it will leave a slight mark.
Colour in nose and eyes with black marker.
Cut out mask shape.
Reinforce area where you will punch holes on the back with masking tape, and then punch out holes as indicated on the template.
Cut out fur slightly larger than ears and glue on. I glued fur onto the back of The ears also to cover the printed cardboard and make it look neater when worn.
Carefully cutting out eyes, I used craft scissors to get a neat finish.
Attach elastic with a knot through each hole

Wear grey clothing for an instant koala costume. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, and school dress-up days.

How to make a Koala Mask 2:
Print out this template (there are four options within the one pdf, just print out your favorite color)
Cut out the strips at the bottom of the page, they become the head strap, or if you prefer punch a hole and use some hat elastic to hold it onto your child’s face.
Cut out the mask and eyeholes – I used a craft knife and cutting mat for the eyes but obviously, you can’t give that equipment to a child, they will have to either use scissors or have cut the eyeholes out for them with a craft Scissors.
Staple one strip to each end of the mask next to the eyeholes.
Measure around the head of the person who is going to wear it and staple it to fit at the back.

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