Gap launches holiday platform with short film ‘The Hoodie’

American clothing brand Gap has launched their 2019 holiday platform, Gift the Thought with a new short film, titled “The Hoodie.” Rather than taking a more theatrical, musical approach to its holiday campaign the brand opted for a feeling that felt more personal.

“We wanted to create something special and unique that tugs at the heartstrings,” Alegra O’Hare, Gap’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

The new film shows how gifts from the brand will come this year: complete with a gift tag inscribed with a “Gift the Thought” note. These notes are part of Gap’s initiative to make each gift more thoughtful, with different products coming with different notes during the holiday season. For example, a set of pajamas will have a tag that reads,” Because sleeping is your favorite sport.”

The clothing brand will also provide complimentarily gift tags such as “Because this is so you” or “ Because you get me” for other products in select stores. O’Hare also shared that the motive behind this platform was to give its customers an unexpected way to elevate gift giving, focusing on the thought behind the gift rather than the gift itself.

“Our hero film ‘The Hoodie’ was our real and authentic approach to showcasing moments of intensity in the forming of a family bond over the course of decades, tapping into the legacy of the brand to create nostalgia that only a brand with a heritage like Gap can do,” she expressed.

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